Our Teaching Staff

All teaching staff are trained and qualified with professional dance organisations that are recognised world wide.  As part of their teacher qualifications all teachers have been accredited with a senior first aid certificate and have current Working with Children certificate.


2019 Teachers 

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Suzanne Atkins

 RAD RTS Teacher Cert, ADA Advanced Diploma (Jazz & Tap) RAD & ADA Reg Teacher, Ass.Dip. A.I.M.E.B. (TD)

Katrina Hawse

TCRG (Dublin), Reg.Teacher IDC, AIDA INC, AIDA NSW

Diana Ho

RAD RTS, Teacher Cert., Cert. IV Pilates Instructor

Sally Adnum

Ass.Dip. ADA (Jazz & Tap),  Adv. Cert Jazz & Tap, Reg. ADA Teacher

Melissa Waugh

RAD RTS CBTS, Reg. RAD Teacher, BA (Dance), BEd

Rebecca Woodbury

Ass. Dip. (ADA Jazz & Tap), Adv. Cert. Jazz, Int. Cert. Tap, Reg ADA Teacher 

Winnie Enright

Ass. Dip. ADA Elementary (Jazz & Tap), Inter Teach Cert (Jazz and Tap) Reg. ADA Teacher ADA

Elena Barrett-Hough

TCRG (Dublin), Reg. Teacher IDC, AIDA INC, AIDA NSW

Zoe Thornthwaite

Ass.Dip. ADA Elementary (Jazz and Tap) Int. Teach Cert (Jazz) , Reg. ADA Teacher, RAD Advanced 2

Catherine Lea

 TCRG (Dublin), Reg. Teacher IDC, AIDA INC, AIDA NSW


Assistant Teachers:

Rebecca Swain - ADA Teaching Cert. (Jazz & Tap), Bar to Gold Star Jazz Perf. Cert. (Distinction), RAD Advanced 2

Maddy Yeaman - Ass.Dip. ADA Elementary (Jazz and Tap) Int. Teach Cert (Jazz) RAD Advanced 1, Irish World Qualifer 2016, 2017