Carlingford School of Dance

Thank you to all students for making our term 4 so much fun!

You were all so awesome in our end of year performance and your team work backstage was brilliant!

We have one more performance for North Rocks Carols on Friday 21st December for all performance classes.

Details will be emailed soon.


Our Philosophy

Our vision is to share with our students our love of dance in a caring and nurturing environment

Learning to dance is a wonderful journey that starts with the first step - the wonderful feeling of a new step being achieved, the confidence to perform,  the building of friendships and the learning of life long skills.

At the Carlingford School of dance we believe in fostering a love of dance;  enriching positive attitudes; to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere; to provide new and exciting challenges and to develop confidence, self esteem, poise and creativity in each student.   

We look forward to welcoming you to dance in 2018.



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