Irish Dancing

This  traditional dance form is one of the best (and most glamorous) ways to get fit.  Students at CSOD can show off their fancy footwork at Irish dancing competitions registered with the Irish Dancing Commission (IDC) in Dublin. This worldwide organisation fostered such talents such as Michael Flatley and Jean Butler of Riverdance fame. Our students have the opportunities to dance out at special events throughout the year including St Patrick's Day events, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Mercantile in the Rocks and other corporate events.

Students can take part in locally run competitions throughout term 2 and term 3 as well as take part in Irish dance exams held by AIDA (NSW).

Our students have danced at the World Irish Dancing Championships in Ireland as well as winning titles at the NSW and Australian National Championships.

Classes are fun for Beginners up to Championship level (see below for all levels). For further information visit the IDC website or

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Irish dancing competitions are held around Sydney throughout the year.  These are also called "Feis".  CSOD students dance at this events under the name of Scoil Rince Creer.   Competitions are not compulsory.  However, students are encouraged to participate in at least one feis a year so they have a goal to work towards in class.

Irish grades for class and competition

There are five different levels of Irish dancing.  Students may win their way out of a grade or be promoted by their teacher once they have reached a level of competence.


This is where the journey of all Irish dancers starts!

Students learn dances such as the light jig and reel.

Only soft shoes are worn. Leotard and skirt/ trousers and shirt are worn at competitions.              


Steps start to become more complicated but there are restrictions on certain movements.                        

Hard or `heavy’ shoes are introduced. Leotard and skirt/ trousers and shirt are worn at competitions.               


 Steps are more advanced. Dancers can attempt more complicated moves. There are no rules about  what steps can be danced                        

It is only when students reach this level that they can wear an Irish dancing costume.                       

At CSOD we have costumes students can hire for this level of dancing.                     


More advanced steps


The highest level of competition.