Teaching Courses

ADA Teaching Course

Pre-Elementary Diploma (Pre-Elementary level); Associate Diploma  (Elementary level),  Diploma  (Intermediate level), Advanced Diploma of Dance (Advanced level)

ADA Elementary level Teaching Course is open to exam students from Gold Star level.  Students are prepared for the 3 part exam over 18 - 24 months which includes practical and theoretical examination on syllabus and teaching techniques, teaching examination and musicality as well as  Anatomy / Safe Dance lectures (see below).    On passing of the 3 part exam, students are awarded with the Associate Diploma of dance (jazz or tap) with the ADA.   ADA Intermediate Teaching Course is also available on application and is open to students who have completed all components of Elementary Teaching Course and gained their Associate Diploma.  Advanced level available on application.


Anatomy / Safe Dance Course

ADA Level One Anatomy course is available for students wishing to further their dance studies.  Course includes lectures on anatomy terms, the skeleton, muscles, joints, posture and balance and the principals of dance injury prevention and safe dance practices.  At the conclusion of this course students take part in the ADA Level One Anatomy written paper. 


Mentorship - RAD CBTS scheme

Available on application