Sally Adnum


Ass.Dip. ADA (Jazz & Tap),  Adv. Cert Jazz & Tap, Reg. ADA Teacher ADA

Sally first started dancing at the age of 6 and has been trained in jazz, tap and drama.  Under the tuition of Suzanne Atkins (Jazz / Tap) and Kim Griffin (Tap) at Carlingford School of Dance.  During her time as a student Sally participated in Jazz and Tap Examinations with the ADA and has performed in concerts, eisteddfods, award days  and community events around Sydney.  She has also been involved with Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk classes at Sydney Dance Company under the tuition of Ramon Doringo.


Sally is a registered syllabus teacher with the ADA (formally FATD) gaining Honours level passes in  practical, theoretical and anatomy teaching examinations with the ADA.  Sally has been awarded her Associate Diploma in Jazz and Tap and has completed all practical examinations through to Advanced level in both jazz and tap. 


Sally enjoys working with her students and preparing them for their own examinations, where there has always been a 100% pass rate.  She also loves to choreograph and prepare our troupes for eisteddfods and performances.


Sally also holds a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Science, Macquarie University. 


"The philosophy at CSOD is that learning to dance is a journey, and as a teacher I have the privilege to be a part of this.  I love teaching and encouraging students to develop their technique, style and passion for dance."